Tuesday, October 10, 2017

week 346 WOYWW

Do you ever have "Buyers Remorse"?  
I do when finding something that makes me really excited and ideas flood my brain.  This behaviour is fortified by reading blogs, watching Youtube and a 40% off coupon from Michaels.  
This happened about 4 months ago when at Michaels and not finding what I was in the store to buy.  So a tub of black gesso (BG) was soon on the seat next to me going home, and fantasies made the journey home, oh so sweet.  Fast forward to a Saturday clean out to try and find silicon brushes (a Wanderlust remorse buy) and there smiling at me was BG.  A quick search over a long drawn out day through Pinterest (is that ever a fast anything) revealed some wonderful art journal pages that used BG.  My moment had come.  
Today after lunch, the plunge   was taken.
 Like many thing that interest you on Pinterest, it is rare to find a "How to"  After a self discussion,  several mixed media sheet were completed on both sides, 5 tags  and two pages in 2 journals.  

so there you have it, my workspace and what's in/on it.  
Oh now what was the great idea on how to use these black gessoed sheets?..........

Stay tuned...............................

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

WOYWW week 345 10-3-2017

I am rather stunned to find it is time for WOYWW. Where has this week gone to and what have I accomplished.    Nothing except to spend two days immersed in Crazy Rich, Asians by Kevin Kwan and to have started Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, this is her second book and i read and enjoyed the first.  As a result, it is making me aware of how little I know about Asia, especially Korean history, and immigration. For light  reading Kwan is good for satire and gossip.   Not that my desk is cleaned off and tidy.  It does rather  bear witness to my creative block.
 Above you see Xochitl's pink cushion on the chair that is her current demolition project.

This week in wanderlust it was Lorraine bell and she was pushing "draw/sketch every day.  it is really an admonition to practise, every day.  This is something that I have legions of sketch books that can testify that I only last a few days at this.  Then some friends posted bout inktober 2017.  Drawing with ink.  It appeared to be fun from their post but a visit to the inktober Instagram site showed that this was a challenge to the talented.  

This morning was an early start, 7.30am for allergy testing.  Result show  my allergies are to cats, cockroaches, mites and cattle, a few trees and 6 molds.  enough to keep me sneezing year round.

 hope you are all recovered from Llandudno and cropping.
Have a fun week and see you  later.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

WOYWW, 434 9-27- 2017

Hello everyone.  It is tuesday evening and once again I am rushing as dinner is cooking.  Late because once again trying to move photos from Google to Facebook is a problem. You would think one of them would have a means to upload download or just link it up.

My desk today.  I really have done nothing but throw out or store.  A blank desk or workspace makes me uneasy.  As you will note Xochitl is curled up in a basket that i store my Gelli images and other background material.  No- way am I disturbing her.  She has been mad all day because it is raining.

My week was quite productive.  this is one page for Life Documented where the prompt was what makes you happy.  I fold a sheet of cardstock unevenly so that I can punch holes for this months binder.  I added a pocket book

That is a tg with photo of my husband ontag in pocket, pull it down

her is a photo I cobbled together from 4 separate photos of friends
Those friends that are fun.
On the left is MS Kitty on her return from the vets.  She is now 13lbs..

this is the center pages, used for my weekly journaling. The idea for the pockets is from an incredible clever English artist called Helen Allen. The stick things are the tag holders and I pull them out and write each day or put something on them.  Life here is, on a daily basis, not the stuff of TV dramas.  

The back page there are 4 tags tucked into the pocket with "things that make me happy" on the tags wine, art cats and cooking.
  Oh better go the timer is buzzing maybe dinner is cooked.  

Plan to look around tomorrow and see what everyone is up to.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Just decided I better write this as it is Tuesday and tomorrow I am tied up until late at night.  Last Thursday my otolaryngologist (isn't that a fabulous word) Said my daily fatigue, brain fog and not sleeping are not symptoms of Meniere's disease  but of something else like migraine that is now thought to have some connection with allergies, specifically mold, not that I have migraine just I share symptoms with some of Menieres rotten friends.  So now I am just like a cheese Moldy as that is one of the allergies that causes these symptoms.  A drug was prescribed along with Vit B 2.  Nothing has changed although the first night on the drug I slept all night.  This was possible because Xochitl did not come up on the bed and snuggle up to me as i has not had that effect since then.  
Ms Kitty sleeps on daddy's feet all night she says"I am the purrfect pussycat." 

Here is my workspace today .  I made a journal page in the style of Roben-Marie Smith.  I also complete two more pages based on the One Collage Challenge on Wanderlust 2017

this is my desk with all the leftover bits from my daily journaling

  Thats it for this week folks.  It will be Thursday before i get to visit everyone.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Not a good week due to bouts of fatigue one of Menieres Disease little friends.  This month has always been bad for this disease but I have been relatively free of symptoms for several years.  So this year on Labor Day it paid me a VERY brief visit with a few seconds of vertigo( it was probably nystagmus....Google that!).  Scary but the fatigue is what ruins my arts and craft life.  Inspiration flies out the window.  My "go to" medication is the reinstalling of an afternoon cuppa of PG Tips and 2 Hershey Layer bars, a lay down with Ipad and a hour of videos or TV.  Now to real life.

I completed my Travel Journal, managing to not get tense and just to do it. Happy with it .

Last week I completed the Tag Challenge with roben -Marie Smith on FB.  I love doing this "nonsense" stuff.  It is so much fin and fits me.  WOW that realization was 3/4 of a century in coming.  below are all the tags.  She makes it very interesting.

This is the final "Tag in a bag" day &.  I used this holder for a mobile my friend Ruth Potter made.  It was too hot for a mobile device.  So now it is a holder for my crazies!  Ruth is a great artist with a needle.

This ismy desk today with what I have been creating.  The bottom 3 are for Wanderlust.  I re created a lesson they post every month as I enjoy doing this project called the One Collage  Challenge.  My daily art journal is upper right and a book I called my Kasia journal, I really think I prefer working in small journals and fiddling around with many faceted small projects.  

OK after much messing with Google Empire I managed to find a way to get the photo of my desk to Blogger.    It seems as fast as i learn one facet of the digital world, it develops a whole new way to do things.  trying to learn the MEDIA set up in new car and a tire blow out which meant i had to delve into maintenance and see no alert came onto screen.  It is fixed and that facet of information is in an archive that seems to be a new name for my mind!

Have a great wednesday visiting all the exciting desks that WOYWW will drive you to.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Vacation is over finally home and trying to get into my usual  comfortable RUT. Whenever possible  I read  your blogs.  It just amazed me how often there is no Wi FI or signal.  So here I am.  catching up with Wanderlust and   "Playing Tag Art Challenge" with Roben-Marie Smith, a task I expected to complete in a couple of hours; it is now 5 hours later and completion is days down the road

This week in Wanderlust the guest artist was Azoline , a fine french artist who is very organized, careful, tidy and conservative.  Everything I am completely NOT.  Her class, video and pdf were detailed and easy to follow.  So below is what I made.  She uses Yupo paper and alcohol inks, I did not have Yupo so used Rangers glossy paper for alcohol inks.  really like how it turned out and plan to at least use up the alcohol inks.  problem is that they are sold in sets of 3, and for me, who loves brights it means 2 drabs for every bright.  

This is my work space.  

This is my computer desk where I do pen work.  The two items to left and center are the Tag book and  square tag for day 1 & 2.

My travel journal made from class with Rae Messinger in Wanderlust it is made from  interoffice envelopes( well mine are just manila.

Here is is open in the Santa Fe section.  

More Wanderlust.  After I stopped trying everyone and selecting I started to really appreciate this class.  It Introduces teachers from all over the world and they are mostly the best.  I love the classes Kasia  presents and as a result i find I prefer working with small and creating fiddly little things, like books.  What it lacks is a camaraderie as there is no virtual "student lounge ". No-one seems to want to truly share and discuss.  So I will find other ways to meet and chat with art types. (It is 200 miles to the nearest art store like you all have, the BIG stores may have bargains and sales but other wise it is junk, floral supplies and home deco).    Wanderlust is also a bargain as 52 weeks of  class for $99 

I used my Life Documented Journal for daily notes on the road and then wrote the travels into my journal when I reached home. Two cats bumpy roads and a small RV are not the best way to journal. Here is the binder for September

and the September divider, it was a work out for Azoline's class 

 the prompt for week 33 was tea bag art.    This was a cat art show, an opportunity to use some new cat stamps.
 One week was tea bag art and since i now have returned to drinking tea, influence of WOYWW I used some new stamps and  on white tea. bags and the paint on PG Tips.  thsy sell it at local grocery store HEB.

this was interpreting  a famous picture in this case "Manet 's Folie Bergere, using cat napkin to replace bar maid.

So with this masterpiece of napkin art I will s close up and try to visit tomorrow as many sites as possible.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WOYWW 424 OR IS IT 423 OR......

Good day everyone.  
now lets see if my blog can post photos.

My desk earlier, now a mess as I made another background.   over the last weekend My focus switched to trying to understand Google or as I like to call it "Empire Google".  After all they do seem to manage everything.  Facebook has become too political.  All the hate spouting out from everyone on opposing political sides that I want more control to read and visit with people "of interest" or more correctly my interests.  Thus began my attempt to understand Drive, Photos and Google+.  The latter is the one I have not fully found how to use.  But thanks Sarah for your help.

The photos on my desk are from my husband's 80th birthday party, a very noisy robust evening.  He refused to count the wine bottle that went into the garbage!  I want to make him a birthday book and had everyone sign it with good wishes .  These are the only photos I have as everyone was too busy talking laughing and socializing.  Possibly due to lack of teens and others under 40.  Yesterday i meant to add them to his album, a Black Dylusions journal, but ran out of steam.  If anyone can refer me to a scrapbook or memory book they have made and posted, I will be very grateful. 

This week making icads for #icad 2017 .

#42  prompt onomatopoeia

#23 Alice in Wonderland

#37 Kamaoji

Also completed Rae Messigman's Wanderlust lesson, a journal made out of departmental envelopes.  Since I was unable to find these envelopes I just used the tan 22 x 16 size  this is front cover.  Will use as travel log for a trip to California

 more icads , Oh it means index card. the challenge is to do one a day for 60 days using her prompts and to post to Instagram under #dyicad2017.  you spend about 10 minutes on them.  I spend more time posting them!
this one is #35 and prompt, your favorite type of apple.  Most people do not use prompt.  I just look at it and go from there.

#icad30, 4th of July
 # 29 Polka dots 

Well have to go as it is time for gym and I need to try out Notes for shopping list on my mobile, to see if I "get it"! 
Have a great day will visit later today.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


SO EXCITED     back again working.  tried everything cleaned and cleared and just left it; we had problems with TVs and computers so we turned all off and unplugged etc.  All electronics seem to go out in 2 year period.  It was Good-by to Sunshine my yellow beetle and hello red rider, a new Hyundai Sonata with a lot of gadgets that may take the rest of my days on earth to commit to memory! Today is July 4th and not a trace of red white and blue.  Mostly because the morning was spent posting icad on Instagram and a very plodding piece of social media it is after Facebook.  

This is for the Wanderlust Class of Rae Messigman.  She really teaches very well with great detail.  The pieces at the front are the covers of the book, she used department envelopes but they are not available in our small town.  Behind them are the signatures.  She likes to paint the folios as she does not like blank pages.  I am not afraid of blank pages just a blank mind.  I went along with her ideas as splashing around with paint is a real joy to me.  I dumped all the stuff done on tissue paper in the Gelli plate creations storage basket.  An attempt to be tidy. 

Since it is now a few years my Wednesday is spent in visiting UK and other countries  creative , that's all of you in WOYWW, I have started drinking tea every, afternoon and indulging in a chocky bikkie.( those 2 words send Mr Google into orbit, and placed Spell Checkers on over time).  I drink PG Tips, get it in this wee hamlet of kerrville.  The Chocolate digestive biscuit was replaced several bags ago with Hershey's Chocolate layer Crunch....sinful.
Ah no more photos.  Will post while at least one works
have a great week!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The missing week or 2.

  • This is my desk 2 weeks ago when I could not get photos to print.  had to clear cache....a week to figure it out.  Last week was hectic my friend Liz arrived from Chicago for a short 4 day visit to attend Chris's birthday party. 
  •    Once again it will not post photos.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

week 419 WOYWW

I spent several hours yesterday and today trying to post images on Blogger.  It does not happen. they appear in the "insert image box and that is the end.  No trouble with Facebook, Instagram or email.  Blogger is of no help.

will try visiting later today.