Week 458

Hello everyone; The days between Wednesday are sure getting shorter  and here I am sitting at my desk waiting impatiently for the sync from mobile camera to Google Drive to happen and wondering what I do each week, day and minute!

Here is my desk .  The glasses are supposed to be in the orange holder when not on face.  Slowly sorting all the papers out on my desk.  Throwing out paper, even to recycle is a major hangup.  I tear up so much to use for lists and notes I think I have a lifetime supply. 

Below is my work table.  The white gessoed binders are to be used for journals,  the big one is for Wanderlust Notes. As an 'Old School' type, I need to have printed copies of the schedule and class notes. The covers were Kraft color, a color that is depressing to me.   Today the covers were given a coat of gesso. the smaller is Life Documented Journal binder for next 3 months. And now the fun starts.

And here are my helpers!  They are actually clapped out.  They were on the bed al…

457 WEEK woyww

Last week tried to visit everyone but too soon after eye surgery to see well so I managed  about half. This was a busy weekend.  We made marmalade on Sunday with the grapefruit our friends, Carol and Larry grew in Houston.They went to great lengths to protect the grapefruit from frost and cold. There was a lot of fruit and juice.  They all weighed about 1 lb each, unpeeled.  They require a lot of prep before cooking. 
Today, my workspace.  just finished journal pages using envelopes made  into a book for March.  Happened upon a saved scrap with a grapefruit on it.  This is my Documented Life Journal

Tomorrow we will make the rest of the grapefruit into marmalade. 

 Today the sun is shining and it is heating up.  So happy.  The view fro my studio window.  The birds are all beginning to return and Chris is on humming bird watch, so I bough 10lbs of sugar as he will start making their food soon.

 Last week came to a decision that I need to change my workout.  I decided to admit i am old…

456 woyww

Left eye cataract removed today.  Not seeing well.( selfie reverses image.).  For surgery you need button down clothes all I have is what I am wearing. Patch removed tomorrow morning.

my deskcannot see to work on this
and here is my work space. waiting for me to work on my journals.  I started so many journal for Wanderlust 2018 I have to keep a record of what goes where.

And finally, a word from her ladyship who is not happy! 
"I am a very pissed pussy as I am chocking to death with a pink thing round my neck and a bell.  How can I ever catch another bird" Xochitl suffering .
This is it hope I can see better tomorrow.

week 455 woyww

This is a very hard week as I am playing nurse for my husband, Chris, who had cryoablation on his prostate.  He has no pain but a lot of discomfort.  it is improving and Thursday he will have the catheter removed and the improvement can move along faster. So whenever, I come to my desk to try and escape the real world.
Here is my desk I am working with watercolors,colored pencils and crayons for my weekly projects. This is my work space though I am doing the watercolors at my desk today as I have pulled a ligament or something like that on right leg and cannot stand at desk.
This week in Life Documented the project was Loose flowers.  below is the other side of page above with calendar and something for Wanderlust but it wrong journal.   

This is my Loose flowers though they look more like sliced tomatoes!

so, there we are for today.  I do not know when I will visit as there are doctors appointments(they are never timely) and it is hair restoration day.  Cannot miss that.  It is also book-…


trying to catch up on this year that started in the fast lane and I was back in the hills in the winding lane.  It is not helped by the weather.  We have seen more grey than sunshine and cold, very cold for here and more frequently.  So I am really ready for spring and keep telling myself that it is only February.  My artsy endeavors seem to have gone into the dark and I am itching to get out but feeling trapped in doing ditsy biddy things.

I even made 2 cards, not the beautiful cards you all make but accordion, painted with multi layers. Then I screwed up and mailed one that is due next month.  My head is bubble wrap!

Here is a card folded up
here is one side opened an below the 2 sides hanging down by table leg.  

here is the other side    Originally it was a folded flyer from Hyundai.  i covered it in black gesso a while ago and went back and added some white gesso than blobs of paint.  I should have done this before cutting the original flyer into 3 sections. 
here is my desk tod…

week 453 of WOYWW

Hello Everyone, everywhere.

today, i feel was very productive.  I organized Wanderlust as they have so much going on and I hate to fall behind and miss what goes on in discussions.  This week my vision is a lot better though it remains hard cutting out and seeing margins and lines in what I am creating.   I have 3 weeks to my next surgery, the left eye. 

My desk with assistant moving into position.  I have 5 Wanderlust journals.  All have slightly different functions.

Ms Kitty stationed in the helping mode and ready to add :Treats for Ms Kitty "to my To Do List

  My other project is to attempt to work some more in my journal for Kelly Kilmer's  class.  This was hard work as it required some cutting and color work.  The addition of paint (color) will be on another day as I used black and white as my collaged background choice . My work area  where I spent a lot of time sorting, then cutting and pasting.

Here is a watercolor painting for Wanderlust.  It was all about using wat…


Had cataract surgery this morning on my right eye so I cannot see too well thorough left and every now and then I get a psychedelic like experience that I hope to reproduce in art journal  So have a good week and tomorrow should bring good vision